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Hi!  My name is Jennifer and I am motivated to be totally debt free!

I have a wonderful husband, and two great children.  My goals are to become completely debt free including our mortgage, save for college, and put away plenty for our retirement.

I know that there are others out there that are on this same journey.  So, I figured why not create a website where I could share all of the things I find are working for me?  And, maybe something things or maybe bad habits that aren’t working as well…

My goal is to fill this website with tools, resources, and links to all of the best information that is out there to help us live frugal, pay off debt quickly, and save money.

I know that we can all do this together if we are determined!

Share information below that you think would be useful for everyone, or if you have a question or comment for me.

I hope you find something useful on my website to help you on your journal to financial freedom!   😀







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