Slow-Cook Turkey Breast Recipe – For the Crock-Pot

Here are two delicious slow-cook turkey breast recipes that you can make in your crock-pot.  These are great recipes for when you have a smaller crowd to feed, or just want something easier than cooking a whole turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving.
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Pizza Pasta

Pizza Pasta Recipe – Under $10!

This evening I made a new creation that was under $10 to make and makes 6-8 servings!

My kids came home last week talking about how they had pizza pasta at school that day and how they loved it, so I decided to try my own variation of what they were telling me.  And, it was a hit!  🙂

The Pizza Pasta recipe was not only budget friendly, but is also only 11 points plus per servings when serving 8—-for anyone else that might be counting Weight Watcher’s Points Plus. 😉 Continue reading “Pizza Pasta Recipe – Under $10!”