Dave Ramsey’s Deluxe Executive Envelope System – Review

Envelope System

The Deluxe Executive Envelope System by Dave Ramsey is excellent.

It is a very easy way for you to be able to manage your cash flow. It includes a place where you can put your checkbook, a coin purse, and a check register. It also has where you can keep your debit cards, in addition to your cash envelopes.

If you are trying to incorporate using cash envelopes into your lifestyle and to help pay down your debt, this is the best cash envelope system to carry.

It will basically replace your wallet.

It will help you control your spending habits. It is also good because there are 6 envelopes that are attached to the system, but then there are also 4 envelopes that are loose. So, this helps when you might want to give your spouse their budgeted amounts for say gas and spending money. They would have theirs that you could just pull out.

This item gets a thumbs up! 🙂

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