Get out of debt free


There are many ways to get out of debt free.  You do not have to rely on a debt consolidation company to assist you in getting out of a mound of debt you may have created.  With a little determination and knowledge, you can follow proven steps to do it on your own.


The base of getting out of debt is to create a snowball of any extra income you have to pay off your debts one by one, until you have knocked them all out.  It is more motivating if your order your debts from smallest amount owed to largest amount owed.

Yes, if you were to order them from highest percentage rate or largest amount owed as your starting point, and then were to work your way down, you would make faster progress.  But, you would lose momentum and would be more likely to give up.  This is because it would take you longer to pay off your first debt.  So, you wouldn’t see the progress you would need to see to keep you motivated.

But, if you start with say a credit card that only has a few hundred dollar balance for example, and knocked that one out quickly.  You would be more motivated to continue on.  It is similar to when you are trying to lose weight and you are able to lose more weight that first week or two, seeing those pounds come off are motivation to keep on keeping on!  😀

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