Homemade Scrubs Skin Treatments- Only 3 Ingredients!!

I love homemade scrubs skin treatments at home, because they are cheap and you can customize them for your skin type and with whatever scent you desire.  They exfoliate dead skin cells and leave you feeling smooth and your skin glowing.

Scrubs also make great and inexpensive homemade gifts.  With Christmas coming up it would great to whip up some scrubs to give away to family members and friends.

This is my favorite basic recipe to use, because it only uses 3 ingredients that everyone probably already has in their kitchen pantry right now.

Brown Sugar

Basic Homemade Sugar Scrub

3 TBSP EVOO (Extra Virgin Oilve Oil)

2 TBSP Honey

1/2 Cup of Sugar (White or Brown)

Mix all of the ingredients together in a small, plastic resealable container of your choice (I love to get cute ones from the Dollar Store).  Also, it works best if you use the same TBSP for the oil and honey and measure out the oil first so that the honey won’t stick to your measuring spoon. 

Raw Sugar

And, that is it!  Your skin will be so soft and smooth.  You can use this on your face or your body, or both!!


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