Save Money Groceries Without Clipping Coupons

Veggies in Grocery Cart

I know if you are like me, you find it hard to use coupons all the time.  I work full-time, so I don’t have time to research coupons.  Another reason I don’t like to rely on them is because they are mostly for processed foods.  I try to buy healthier items if possible. 

I mean don’t get me wrong, I will use a coupon if it is convenient and for something we already like to use.  Although I am no hard-core coupon queen, I do have full respect for those who choose to extreme coupon.  🙂


I try to find ways to save on groceries that do not involve using coupons.  One of which I posted on here back in October.  It was how I use a Price Book to make sure I am getting buying at the lowest cost possible.


I have also commented before on many Cool Apps out there now that can help you save money as well.


But, here are some more of my tips on how to save on groceries without coupons.

  • Shop only once per week, or once every two weeks!  This one is important.  Do not make any trips back to the store for staples that may run out like milk or bread!  Find ways to make due and then adjust your shopping list next time, so that you will not run out again.  But, do not go back to get anything in between shopping trips!  This run to the store for a $3.88 gallon of milk always turns in to at least $30-$50 of other needed things!  Don’t fall into that cycle, because that is a lot of money each month that you are throwing out the door in that isn’t necessary.


  • I don’t coupon, but I do look for sales and deals.  I like to quickly see what the sales are for the stores I will be shopping at to build my meal plan around those sale items.  There is normally always a cut of meat on sale and certain vegetables that are in season and on sale.  If you shop around what is the lowest price and build your meal plan from there, you will always save money.


  • Plan your meals!  Another major thing you can do to save money on your groceries is to have a plan.  You don’t want to just pick up random items with no game plan as to what you are going to cook with them.  You want to have all of your meals already planned out, so that you only shop for those items on your list.  If you do not create yourself a meal plan in advance, and try to make decisions when you are already at the store, you will spend way more money!

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  • Stick to your list!  Once you have taken the time in advance to see what you will need for your meal plan, any other staples you may need, and any specific toiletries, do not buy anything that is not on that list!!!  This one is hard because of all of the advertisements that are in stores, and because of the way that their marketing departments have designed the layouts of the stores to grab your attention.  But, if you are determined and disciplined, it is possible to only purchase what is on your list.

I hope these tips will help you save money, so that you can roll that Debt Snowball bigger faster!  Happy Shopping! 😀


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