The best money saving apps for iphone

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I wanted to share what I have found as the top 5 money saving apps for iphone.

1.  Favado

This app is awesome because it lets you see the lowest possible price for an item, so that you know you are never over-paying for something.  You can make your grocery list and shopping trip around the information it gives you and never have to wonder if you could have gotten your items cheaper somewhere else.  It will even notify you on sale prices at whatever stores you set-up in the notifications section.

2.  Target Cartwheel

This app is a must for Target shoppers.  It gives great deals and percentages off of Target merchandise.  You basically just select the discounts that you want, then just scan the mobile barcode on your phone at check-out to have them come off your total.

3.  Wal-mart Savings Catcher

This app is great because Wal-mart does all the work for you.  They guarantee the lowest prices, so once you have made your Wal-mart purchase, you just scan your receipt and they will verify that they actually gave you the lowest price for your area.  If they did not, they will send you a gift card in the amount of the difference that you can use either online or in the store.

4.  Gas Buddy

This is a neat app that lets you see all of the gas prices for your area, so that you know exactly which gas station you need to go to in order to get the lowest gas price.  I have found this data to be very up-to-date and accurate.

5.  iBotta

This is a rebate app that pays you cash for purchases.  You can just look in the list of available rebates and choose which purchases you want to make.  Then you just scan your receipt and watch the rebates add up.  You can cash them out once you reach their low $10 minimum.

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