Ways To Cut Monthly Expenses – And Save Money


Everyone has recurring monthly expenses.  Some people live outside their means and can cut these expenses quite considerably in order to save money. 

Others have already cut back on their expenses, but there still might be ways to trim them even more.  This way you can ensure that you are using all available income to pay down debt or save.  Below are some ideas on ways that you can cut monthly expenses down.


  • Use Public Transportation – If you live in an area where it is feasible, you could use public transportation.  It is way cheaper to pay for public transportation than it is to keep gas in your car and pay for regularly scheduled maintenance.  You could just make a decision to use public transportation for one or more of your regular commutes.


  • Car Pool – If public transportation isn’t for you then you can car pool to save money on gas and the maintenance of your vehicle.


  • Install ceiling fans to lower your heating and cooling costs – Ceiling fans circulate the air throughout your home better allowing your central air and heating to not have to run as much as if the air were not circulated.


  • Turn your lights off when not in use – I know this one is common sense, but a lot people don’t do this and it can really add up on your electricity bills.


  • Plug all electrical devices into power strips – The reason I say to do this is because you really should be unplugging all electrical devices when they are not in use any way, because they can still pull energy just being plugged in.  But, if you plug them into a power strip you can then just turn off the power strip, and it does basically the same thing.


  • Install a shower reduction kit – This will save you on your water bill.  They are very inexpensive to buy and install, and the change in water pressure is barely noticeable.  But, the cost savings on your water bill is well worth the investment.


  • Cut off the Cable or Satellite – Instead of Cable or Satellite you can use Hulu or Netflix.  You really don’t need or watch the hundreds of channels you get with Cable or Satellite.  And, you will still get to watch your favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu, but it might just be a day after when they are posted.


These are just a few of the ways you can cut back on your monthly expenses.  I hope this helps get your cash flowing more towards paying down your best and saving and investing your money.

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